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Posted in: June 7, 2020


Odors Away™ works on the worst smells out there, which is why it is a favorite among professionals across all sorts of industries.


Most people are aware that plumbing generally comes with the foulest of stenches.  What people may not be aware of is that Odors Away™ is the key to make your plumbing job reek-free.  From professionals plumbing every day to your weekend DIY plumbing project that just STINKS, grab a bottle of Odors Away™ to make your job a little more bearable for you and everyone around you.


Paint odors are not usually at the top of the list of people’s problem odors.  But we would bet that you cannot find anyone who loves the smell, and when you are surrounded by it for longer than 20 minutes it can become quite nauseating.  Enter Odors Away™, which is the single most effective solution for ridding your room, space, or home of that lingering paint smell.

Landlords/Rental Real Estate Property Managers

What your tenants do while living in your property is their business, as well as the smells that come with it.  Once they move out though, it immediately becomes yours.  Anyone’s guess is as good as yours for how and why your apartment now reeks, but there is no guessing needed to eliminate those odors for good, just use Odors Away™ as your miracle finishing touch to make your place smell-free and rent-ready!

Retail Storefronts / Brick and Mortar Shop Owners

The look of your store is probably at the top of your priorities every day.  Well what do you do when everything looks clean, but some malodors start to surface?  No need to panic, just apply a few drops or sprays of Odors Away™ and your store will be ready for the pickiest shoppers in minutes!  Don’t resort to the cheap-smelling cover-ups (that arguably often leave a worse smell than just leaving it), use a product that neutralizes odors molecules and eliminates the stink!

Janitors / Cleaning companies

What do you do when you repeatedly clean an area or room with an awful smell, but that stench seems to return every time? Cheap cover-up products are nothing more than perfume and often just exacerbate the fetor.  Cleaning it one more time will not change a thing.  Use a product that is scientifically proven to eliminate malodors, like Odors Away™.

Restaurant owners

The only thing your customers should smell when they are in your restaurant is your food.  Whether it’s gunk under your table, spills not fully cleaned, residual cooking smells, or let’s be honest – sometimes you have no clue what is causing that awful stench. You don’t want a masking agent that just overpowers the odor temporarily, you need something to REMOVE IT, like Odors Away™.

Morgue / Funeral Home / Dead Body Cleanup

Death is one of the most unfortunate inevitabilities that every human must deal with at some point.  If it goes unnoticed for a period of time, a decomposing body will release a smell that is not just extremely unpleasant, but very difficult to remove.  This lingering malodor will only worsen the feelings from the loss of a loved one or family pet.  Sometimes a landlord or property owner will have the unfortunate experience of a tenant passing away in their property, unbeknownst to anyone for days, if not weeks.  Even with proper cleanup and sanitization, the smell from these sad occurrences can linger and never go away without proper intervention. Odors Away™ has and continues to be the go-to solution to eliminate odors caused by deceased bodies.  Not just a cover-up, Odors Away™ works to neutralize odor molecules and eliminate offending odors for good.

Veterinarians / Animal Hospitals

We all love our furry little friends, but the smell they can often leave behind is undeniably bad.  Add the bodily fluids that come about when they are sick or injured, and you have a recipe for a seriously rancid stench.  Your first priority should always be to make sure your little guy or gal is OK, but what should you do about the lingering smell after that?  Odors Away™ has been freshening up what animals put down for over 60 years, and that will never change.  

All businesses encounter problem odors at some point during their normal operations.  The key is to remove whatever is causing the smell and then apply Odors Away™ to neutralize and eliminate the offending odor molecules.  

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