How To Eliminate Fish Odors In The House

Posted in: June 13, 2021

Eliminate Fish Odors in House

Do you absolutely love seafood, and fish in particular? Bake it, fry it, broil it or grill it; there are many ways to enjoy this delicacy.

But there is a problem with some types of fish; they give off a pungent smell that stays even after cooking, and soap alone won’t cut it!

Take salmon, for instance. The stench can permeate your countertop, producing stubborn odors that linger. Your kitchen’s atmosphere and your entire home become stink-infested. You would rather have the scent of soaking potatoes or the aftermath of a vile margarita night than this permeable fish stink.

It’s time to combat stench with proven tactics. Fish may not be the worst offender when it comes to smelly foods but it can still be a problem. Whether you cook it on the stovetop or inside of an oven, there is a good chance it will drop a stink bomb on you like a plate of old fajitas.

This strong odor is caused by the natural breakdown of acid and fat compounds, especially trimethylamine oxide’s (TMAO) conversion to trimethylamine (TMA) when you expose fish to the air.

Luckily, there is nothing to worry about because we are here to tell you how to remove the bad smell from the house after cooking fish every time. It’s going to take a little more than a green tea or eucalyptus recipe, but it’s doable!

Products Required For Fish Odor Removal

Certain products will make your life a lot easier. Here are some of the products you can use to remove the fish smell from your home:

  • Odor eliminator in an aerosol spray canister to spray on surfaces, fabrics, and across the home
  • Portable odor eliminator available is a pump spray bottle with a concentrated formula
  • Odor neutralizing dropper bottle for ceramic and glass surfaces

1. Prevention Tips

Get The Freshest Fish

Think of the money you are willing to spend on your fish purchase and get the highest quality and fresh type. Pick milder types like turbot, tilapia, Pacific cod, and sole.

Prepare Your Fish

Raw fish smells even more, and it is best to remove the source of that smell to contain it as much as you can. Wash the raw fish with cold water to get rid of the bad bacteria and TMA. Additionally, you can soak it for 20 minutes in milk which causes the casein protein in it to bind with the TMA to reduce the smell.

Use Baking Paper

Use baking paper to wrap fish fillets before cooking them to retain their moisture and keep away the smells. Several recipes will ask you to follow this step called ‘en papillote.’

Cook Al Fresco

Regardless of the weather, it is best to cook your fresh fish in the open, such as on the BBQ. This gives off a delicious taste and keeps the smell outside of the house altogether.

Confine The Smell

Fish has a powerful smell, and you should improve ventilation in your kitchen first before you unpack your fish to cook. Open all windows and backdoor of your kitchen and close its main door so that the smell remains contained in the room and goes out the house from their only.

Additionally, use extractor fans above the oven to help drive the smell out faster.

Light Scented Candles

Scented candles are a great addition to dinner tables to create a good ambiance. If you use some throughout the house, containing the gentle fragrance of cotton, sandalwood, citrus, or cinnamon can help to reduce the foul smells.

You can also use air fresheners like Febreze with diffusers that switch fragrances after set intervals to produce new scents instead of the pungent fish smell.

Essential oils are another option that fall into the same family as light scented candles.

Tips To Cut Down Smells During Cooking

Clean Dishes Right Away

The more you put off washing the dishes, the more pungent the smell will get and the longer it will stay. Wash all dirty dishes using hot water, including plates, pans, and pots, to remove the scent.

Discard Fish Waste

It is best to rinse out fish packaging and discard it in an outside bin right away. Additionally, if there is any fish waste during cleaning and preparations and after eating, bag it up and throw it out right away.

Use Vinegar

When you fry fish, place a white vinegar bowl near the hob as it absorbs the strong odor and creates a fresh and clean-smelling room. As for the vinegar smell, it will fade away when it dries up.

Cover The Kippers

Kippers are one of the smelliest fish you can cook, so it is best to keep the lid on the cooking dish to contain its smell and prevent it from spreading.

3. How To Remove Fishy Smell From House After Cooking?

Simmer Citrus and Spices

One of the best ways to eliminate the fish odor is to use other great smelling products and simmer them. For instance, you can use citrus fruits’ peels like lemon or orange and simmer them in a pan or other cookware over the stove as soon as you are cooking. You can do the same using some cinnamon sticks or other odor-eating spices like fresh rosemary or ground cloves.

Furthermore, if you have cooked your fish in the oven or microwave, you can place one of these substances in a steaming water bowl and put it inside overnight.

Baking soda is another of our more effective suggestions in the quest to eliminate your last Sunday fishy smells.


Another way to get rid of the fishy smell from your kitchen after cooking is to bake something that smells delicious, like cookies. This will help to overpower the pungent fish smell with a sweet scent.

Change The Fabrics

Once everyone is done with the dinner and you’ve cleared out the table and dishes, you can still find the strong fried fish smell in the fabrics of your cushions, sofas, table cloth, etc., as they can trap odors easily. You can use fabric refreshers, spraying them on various materials until they are damp to eliminate all fishy smells.

Then don’t forget to put any left overs into the refrigerator so they are still delicious the next day.


Fish is a highly nutritious and delicious food and is consumed by billions worldwide. However, it comes with a strong odor that is hard to g. As a result, you can use various precautions and tested methods to drive the smell away from your home.

Love cooking fish, but don’t know how to remove the fish smell from the house afterward? Get your hands on Odors Away products to help neutralize the pungent smell from your home, utensils, and surfaces easily. Using these helpful cleaning aids will score you some bonus points around your home.


Which Fish Smells Most?

Surstromming from Sweden is the smelliest fish known to mankind. While it is a trout, its pungent smell comes from its two-month fermentation process, making it smell like rotten eggs.

Does Lemon Get Rid Of The Fishy Smell?

Yes, lemon is applied to fish to decrease its odor, and a lemon juice solution made with water is used to spray on the kitchen counters or other surfaces for odor removal.

How Do You Get Fried Fish Smell Out Of Your House?

Once you’re done cooking the fish place a white vinegar-filled bowl in your kitchen overnight to remove the stubborn fishy smell. Simmer lemon peels, ground ginger, and lemon peels in water for 15 minutes on the stove to eliminate any lingering odor. This advice applies to any cooking method you used to make the fish.

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